You know what I’m doing at 5 am?  Not sleeping.  Like I haven’t been sleeping for the past hour and only intermittently for hours before that.  You know why?  Because when I have been sleeping I’ve been dreaming that my life is not real, that I’m in a “sideways” kind of Matrixy/Sixth-Sense purgatory trying to work it all out.  Thank you “LOST”!

That said, I’ll weigh in on the series finale (spoilers aplenty).  I would just like to take a moment to tell my husband I was SO right.  “You aren’t going to learn any more about the island than you already know,” I said to him hours before the finale began, “So, move on.”  And it would seem moving on was the whole theme.  What we thought was an alternative reality perhaps created by Jughead’s explosion turned out to be a waiting place for the afterlife in which everyone needed to find enlightenment – in other words, their memories of their real lives.  Aptly named (if not comically, as Kate pointed out) Christian Shepherd fills Jack in:  Jack’s dead in this alternate world as is everyone else.  Some of them died before Jack, others after.  The island was real for all its wonkiness, and these are the people who’d meant the most to each other in life from the gravity of their experiences together.  I’m guessing Hurley and Ben lived awhile after Jack as the new caretakers of the island since they indicate as much to each other:   “You made a great number two,” “and you were a great number one,” and so forth – and no I’m not going to make a bathroom joke.  You go right ahead.

Did the plane make it?  Let me tell you something.  The only thing that can survive a submarine blast, or any kind of doomsday scenario, are the cockroaches and crusty codger Frank Lapidus.  In any kind of disaster, I want to be standing right beside that man.  Can he fly that plane off the island?  With a little duct tape, hell yes!  He’s Frank Lapidus!  But does it make it?  Kate tells Jack in sideways afterlife, “I’ve missed you so much,” which would seem to indicate that she spent enough time to “miss him so much” after leaving him on the island.  But then again, when Claire gives birth to Aaron in sideways afterlife (gah!?) this seems to be the big reunion with him she’s been waiting for since being separated from him on the island, as in perhaps she doesn’t make it back to reunite with three-year-old Aaron in real-world L.A.

Okay, okay, probably none of this is new or insightful and there are a plethora of more detailed, more wonderful blog posts regarding the “LOST” ending … but it’s five a.m., and I’m thinking aloud!  Cut me some slack here.  I did love this as a last episode, though.  I love that just when I guessed what’s coming next I was surprised.  And I thought no one could ever pull a Sixth-Sense on me again.  The fact that Lindelof and Cuse managed to?  Brilliant.  Now shoo so I can get some sleep.