So, maybe you’ve wondered where I’ve been the past few days.  Funny story.  Not long ago, a good friend of mine asked me for a list of films she might show at the “apocalypse party” she was throwing to celebrate her 2012 birthday.  I came up with a decent list initially, but I decided what this really warranted was a sprawling infographic of end-of-the-world films, researched on at least three poster-board mock-ups and one improvised three-dimensional miniature rendering in Fritos and Duplo blocks. (This is sort of like the time my parents asked me to transfer their Super 8 films to DVD and I made a Star Wars tribute film featuring an animation of our station wagon as a spaceship.  It’s also sort of like the time Richard Dreyfus built Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes.)  I should note that This Is How The World Ends … At The Movies is hardly comprehensive because I wanted to leave room for robot doodles and so forth.  Hopefully, though, you’ll still find a few of your favorites on here.  You are most certain to find Gary Oldman and Jesus.  Enjoy!  (Click image to enlarge it on Flickr.)

this is how the world ends ... at the movies