I’ve been hesitant to update my page since the last thing I posted was in regards to the Joplin tornado of May 22.  Other things seem silly and small by comparison.  But then again maybe some levity is a good thing.

Here are some silly and small recent items of mine at The Nervous Breakdown you can read/watch if you want to.  The first is a playlist inspired by all of that stylized slow-motion walking in movies and the second is a video guide to the 2011 summer blockbusters (in movie geek attire, of course).

Not so silly nor small is the new edition of Prick of the Spindle on which I first officially served as managing fiction editor.   Some excellent works in here.  Don’t miss it.

Mostly I’ve been busy on the Writing Off Script: Writers on the Influence of Cinema project, coming soon this fall as an ebook from Calavera Books with proceeds benefitting the Joplin Schools Tornado Relief Fund, and the related essay contest.  Tell everyone you know about it.  And then tell them again a little later in case they forget.

I’ll be in Joplin this week for the first time since before the tornado hit, checking on family and dropping by the Joplin Schools offices for a visit.  After the media packs up it’s easy to forget that the devastation is still there and people are still in need.  Check the previous post for ways you can still help.

So I think we’re all caught up now.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Oh, and there’s also that novel I’m revising like a madwoman ….