joplin high schoolA big thank you to Melanie Dolloff and Danny Craven of Joplin Schools for taking the time to tell me about the needs of the faculty, staff, and students in the aftermath of the tornado.  Full story forthcoming.

Here’s another bit of news from my trip as reported on the Writers on the Influence of Cinema site:

“The Joplin Eagles Television program at Joplin High School, which instructs students in the fundamentals of film production, lost their studio and field equipment and other supplies in the May 22 tornado. Pictured above is some of the damage sustained by the high school, deemed a total loss. After a visit to Joplin School offices last Friday, we learned that we can allocate the Writers on the Influence of Cinema donation to the Joplin Schools Tornado Relief Fund specifically for the JET 14 program.  More details coming soon, but in the meantime we couldn’t be more excited at the prospects of helping JET 14 Station Manager Danny Craven and Joplin Schools in their efforts to ensure that JET 14 students have what they need to develop their skills in film and broadcasting.”

The anthology will be available in ebook format this fall, and if you’d like an opportunity to have your essay on film and writing included submit it here before the contest closes on July 22.